Advantages of All-Inclusive Family Vacations

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Taking a family vacation every year can be tough, especially when parents are overworked and stressed out. There is a solution though, one that first came about the in 1950’s. All-inclusive vacations are just that: vacations that include everything you need in the price.

There are several advantages to these types of vacations, especially for families.

Financial Benefits

First and foremost, typically all-inclusive vacations are cheaper. There is a lot of competition in the industry, and so most resorts try to get you the best deal on lodging, air fare, and even a rental car is you even need one.

Since many of these vacations take place at resorts or on cruise ships, you may not even need additional transportation or it may be provided for you by way of buses or even water shuttles.

When you pay for these vacations, you can even choose to include tips for the staff, avoiding those awkward moments with foreign currency when you may not have any idea how, or what to offer.

Be careful though. When you book an all-inclusive vacation, be sure you know what it does and does not include. Make sure everything you want to do for sure is included, and that you budget spending money for tours and activities you may not have anticipated.

That being said, all-inclusive vacations are practically designed for budget conscious families.Knowing the majority of your costs up front gives you some peace of mind that you won’t overspend.

Less Stress

The very act of figuring out what activities you are going to do while on vacation, how you are going to keep each child happy with their varied ages and interests, and how you might possibly get a little bit of adult time for you and your spouse can be daunting.

All-inclusive family vacations try to remove this stress as much as possible by offering a wide variety of activities at various times, and often kids activities where parents need not be present to supervise them.

This makes the vacation more enjoyable for both parents and children: the atmosphere is designed to be relaxing for both, and to be as stress free as possible from the planning stage all the way to the end of the vacation and your family’s return home.

Saves Time

Vacation planning takes a lot of time, especially when you have to research the area you will be traveling to, booking activities separately, making sure you have transportation to all of them, and adequate time between each to keep your vacation time from being even more stressful.

When booking an all-inclusive vacation, much of the planning is done for you, and professionals who have booked family vacations before make sure all of the things you want are available and provide practical schedules.

There’s no need to do extensive research and spend hours on the phone setting things up. This time savings makes it easier for you to relax before your vacation knowing everything is handled for you.

It’s Safer

Despite negative reports in the news about tragedies at all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and around the world, this type of vacation is still safer than a traditional vacation that you plan, especially in a foreign country or an area you are not familiar with.

Resorts offer security, activities within the boundaries and supervision of the resort, and typically adhere to certain health and safety standards not necessarily required by the country they are in.

True, bad things happen at these resorts from time to time,ut they also happen at other popular destinations like Disney resorts. These incidents often go unreported, or make very little news, but they do happen. Unfortunately, no matter where you go on vacation, negative things can happen.

All-inclusive family vacations simply try to take some of the uncertainty out of the activities you do, and strive to make them safer and keep you protected from those who would take advantage of tourists.

There’s Always Something to Do

One of the most common phrases heard on family vacations is “I’m bored!” All-inclusive family vacations are designed to take those words out of your kids’ vocabulary, at least for a few days.

In fact, there is often so much to do it is not even possible to do it all. Activities overlap, and there are a variety of things to do at any given time.

This is especially good for the kids, but sometimes challenging for parents, as the ideal vacation includes some time to just get away and find some peace and quiet. Thankfully, many of the providers of all-inclusive vacations know this, and offer adult activities that include quite time, massages, or spa treatments.

Having multiple entertainment options for your whole family is important though, so be sure you check out the options when you are booking a vacation and make sure the kids will have plenty to keep them occupied and that you can get your needs met as well.

How do you find the best deal and book an all-inclusive vacation? Check out sites like Expedia for all-inclusive family vacation packages that include many options to choose from. Booking this kind of vacation will save you money, stress, time, and give you peace of mind while making sure no one will be bored along the way.

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